Practice Areas

Certified Family Law Specialist

Attorney Elaine V. Van Beveren, a Sacramento Family Law Attorney, helps clients in all aspects of family law including, but not limited to:

Divorce/Dissolution – The outcome of this process may very well determine the future for both yourself and your children.  There is no substitute for the assistance of an experienced divorce lawyer.

Legal Separation – Sometimes you need time to decide if divorce is the right choice. Legal Separation allows you to come before the court to obtain custody and support orders while you are deciding how to proceed.  A Legal Separation can be amended to a Dissolution or a Judgment of Legal Separation may be your final choice.

Collaborative Family Law and Divorce Mediation – Not every divorce has to be contentious.  The goal of both Collaborative Practice and Mediation is to reach an equitable agreement created by the parties without litigating in court.

Child Custody – It is imperative that your custodial rights be protected and that a parenting plan, which is in your child’s best interest, be implemented.

Child Support – While guideline child support is determined by a formula, there are many factors which can increase or decrease the amount ordered.  A knowledgeable attorney can assist in obtaining an order that is favorable to your circumstances.

Spousal Support – This is one of the most complex areas of Family Law and your rights and obligations are unique to your own case.  An experienced attorney can assist you in this critical area of your case.

Post Judgment Modifications – Often circumstances change and you will need to file a request for modification of orders.  This can also be achieved through Stipulation and Order, which is a pleading usually prepared by an attorney.

Property Division  While California is a community property state, assets and obligations can be divided in a number of ways.  Not all assets need to be divided in kind, but one asset may be offset by another.  Most of what you have aquired in life may be subject to division and thus it is critical that the division be done properly.

Retirement Benefits  Retirement benefits are possibly the most valuable asset in the marriage and present many complexities that often require the assistance of experts who work hand in hand with your attorney.

Step-parent Adoptions – This is a unique area of law in which our firm is  well versed.  We are experienced in completing the multiple pleadings and procedures needed to successfully complete the adoption.

Paternity – Establishing paternity is important to both parent and child.  Once paternity is established, child custody and support will often need to be addressed as well.

Annulment – A party may seek Annulment if the marriage is invalid based on certain grounds.  An attorney will represent you in court to request relief from a judge.

Registered Domestic Partnerships – Terminating domestic partnerships often involves dissolving a marriage in the same proceeding.  It is  important that  your attorney understands the complexity of this area of Family Law.